The Grafton-Midview Public Library knows that in a socially-distanced world, good food and great stories keep us connected to one another. That is why we are excited to launch our new project, The Grafton-Midview Community Cookbook.

We started with fifteen recipes, provided by staff members of the library, but our goal was always to include you! Grafton-Midview residents of all ages are encouraged to share their favorite recipes, along with a picture, and stories, anecdotes, or quotes about what makes our community such a special place to live.

Submitting Your Digital Items

Thank you for participating. Upload your recipes, photographs, stories, or quotes to share in this collection about food and life in our community. The Grafton-Midview Public Library will review all submissions before they are added to the collection. There is no limit to the number of submissions per person, but we encourage you to only submit content that is important to you and your experience in the community.

Please make sure that your submissions meet the following guidelines:

  • Content relates to the Grafton-Midview community
  • Credit the source of your recipe, story, or quote (family member, cookbook, original creation, website, etc…)
  • Submitted photographs are an original work to which you own the rights
  • Document format: ePub2, ePub3 or PDF file
  • Image format: JPEG, JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • Optional: Please give a short description of why this recipe is important to you. IE: Why do you enjoy cooking it? Who taught you to make it?
  • Content is appropriate for all ages